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Register to create a booth

Step 3: Provider contacts about the registration content for to activate the account, and update the introductory information about the hotel on the website, this information will be displayed to members of

Manage and update booth information

All hotel operations need to be update booth information

For Provider to post updated information about the hotel on the website: select “Hotel Configuration” then post up all information about the hotel.

Provider enters “Availability” and select the period of time to adjust and update the availability. Note: allows Provider to close, open and adjust selling room by day. receives agencies orders on the system, confirms orders with the provider via email and phone and then responds to the travel agencies.

The hotel views reports by going to “Revenue and expenditure transaction” of the accommodation periods to collate and make an order payment with by week or by month depending on payment agreement on the contract between two side. Providers are responsible for providing accurate information about their services and must regularly update the availability, fulfill commitments to the service that Customers purchased.

Service delivery and payment

Customers who need to book for a group or a large number of guests. After selecting a location and completing reservation request, will proceed to send an email automatically confirming the registration of the Customer. The Service Provider then reconfirms the service to the Customer by phone or email and tracks the payment. Customers pay for the Supplier or ezCloud (Global ezCloud Technology Co., Ltd.) and come to use the booked service.

Currently, the services on take place right on the website system, so there is a small number of delivery service request, mainly are delivery vouchers, promotional gifts for customers, so they can deliver goods or hire third parties if the number is large. Because of a low number of businesses, OneInventory did not develop a specific process for this activity.

Summary of the OneInventory registration process for hotel


During the sales process on OneInventory, if you encounter any complaints about the working process, please contact OneInventory

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